Peggy Coleman Photography

Peggy Coleman

Peggy Coleman is a nationally recognized, award winning wildlife and nature photographer. Her photos are featured across the internet, as well as in numerous publications such as Arizona Highways Magazine, Arizona Key Magazine, AAA Highroads Magazine, Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Calendars 2014 -2016, Phoenix LIVING Magazine and commercial media on behalf of BEARIZONA Wildlife Park, in Williams, Arizona. 

2015 brought a prestigious award of "The Top 100" for the National Audubon Society from 9000 entries in their yearly photography  contest.  "Shazaam! The Green Heron Strikes Again!"  welcomed the honor. Shazaam can be found in his very own gallery now along with other poses of the same day. The award winning photo is also in the Favorites Gallery. It has been shared worldwide by way of social media, more than a million times and serves as inspiration for painting, sculpting, tattoos, sketches and has been "chalked" in competition on both the East and West coastal seaboards!

Of the 5000+ photo entries in the 2014 Arizona Highways Photo Contest, of which 30 finalist were chosen across three categories, Landscape, Wildlife and Macro, Peggy garnered three finalist awards, two for Wildlife and one for Macro division. "Shazaam! The Green Heron Strikes Again!" won 2nd place across all categories and The Rambur's Forktails garnered an Honorable Mention. Both photos are featured in the Favorites Gallery.  2015 garnered an Honorable Mention in the Macro Division for a jumping spider. The Round-tailed Squirrel photo featured in the slideshow and favorites gallery is a 2016 Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Calendar winner.

When Discovery LIFE series chose to feature 250 photos of nearly 7000 entries to their online website contest,  she posted 13 of the 250 chosen images, for blooms, birds and other wildlife images.

Peggy's photos are frequently 'shared' in such social media sites such as Facebook, where she maintains a personal as well as  photography page, Peggy Coleman Photography. She also serves as the group administrator for a popular, Facebook birding group, 'Birding--Arizona and the Southwest.' '

My photography is often less about 'portraits' and more about wildlife in their habitat. My hope is to capture them in their world, for a little better understanding of ours! I sincerely hope they inspire you to simply take a look around. There is a lot to see!

Photos in the slideshow are available in the Favorites Gallery!

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In Bookstores, Summer of 2016! ---Arizona Highways Wildlife Guide--------- By Brooke Bessesen-------Featured Photography------ Peggy Coleman

Urban Birding With Peggy Coleman - Produced by Gary Schafer, Arizona Game and Fish

*Cover photo Arizona Highways Wildlife Guide-Yvonne Kippenberg

Birding in Arizona - Arizona Game and Fish - Featured Photography/Peggy Coleman

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